Titan helps you take control of airport safety, security, communications and efficiency - from the parking lot to the check-in booths, through the boarding gate and right down the airport's perimeter. Integration is the key...

Titan Hotel Solutions help you to ensure that your hotel environments are safe, secure, comfortable and energy efficient. Hotel patrons demand the highest standards. Titan Hotel Solutions helps you to enhance the...

Titan Solutions help you to ensure that your campus environments are safe, secure, technology friendly and energy efficient. Unified Titan Campus Solutions helps you to enhance the campus experience for a better...


Energy Optimization

More than 10 years ago, iconoclastic engineer Tom Hartman recognized the energy wasting nature of buildings’ HVAC systems and set out to develop a smarter solution. He succeeded.

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Network Systems

Titan Unified Building Solution is a framework that creates value and opportunity for building developers, owners and occupiers. This “networked, intelligent building” created out of the convergence of the IT network and the Building System opens new opportunities for the key stakeholders in the building value chain.

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Security is the degree of protection against danger, loss, and criminals. Intrusion, fire, and safety alarms are electronic alarms designed to alert the user to a specific danger.

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Life Safety

Any interior building element designed to protect and evacuate the building population in emergencies, including fires and earthquakes, and less critical events, such as power failures.

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Room Management Systems

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Nexus for Airports is a multi-tier, multi-user, multi- lingual software system which provides background services and interfaces to configure, manage, operate, and monitor the Flight Information Display System. The solution is designed and implemented by using cutting edge technologies to obtain robustness, extendibility and usability.

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Since 1987, Titan has established itself as the leading source for engineering as well as ULV systems integration with worldwide experience. Integrated ULV systems have made so many buildings to be more efficient, safe, secure and comfortable.

Titan is committed to be the recognized leader and preferred provider for our valued customers; by delivering unequaled products and services through a highly qualified staff of professionals, with total commitment to integrity and excellence.

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